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Entrepreneurship:Innovation  ,pragmatic ,responsibility  ,  highiy-effcient
Innovation is the soul of the company,is the driving force behind the eternal career development
Tell the truth,out of which are real, do solid work, attention to actual results 
Respect,respect their careers, in order to respect and treat the pious soul occupation,depenging on their jobs as a vocation
To do something that immediately hands-on,rapid absorption,rapid action

Approach to business:market orientation,product and marketing for leading, to support with brands and services, technology-based R&D

Sustainable management  Culture is the most
The company will grow and develop with employees and customers.
We and the society together accelerate state economy to develop and flourish technology progress.

Dengguan Medical  the responsible and mission enterprise
Dengguan Medical dedicates to creating value for customers,and provides top products and services.
We provide top welfare and development space, and create opportunity for employees.
We can create wealth for the society, and carry on social responsibility and public works and care for environmental protection.

Future Forecast
Look back the past,decades struggling and harvesting,Future's greeting, exciting and charming.
Dengguan will, with its found strength, give full play for its own powerful predominance, Burden with historic mission, start and explore our new voyage.