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market analysis on industrial trend of Chinese medical Equipment

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China, as the world's fourth largest market for medical devices, the market size of more than 60 billion yuan, which the medical diagnostic imaging market size of more than 22 billion yuan. With the era of urbanization and aging, the medical device industry will be the emergence of opportunities. In the next few years, including medical imaging, including medical device market in China will continue to maintain a growth rate of 20%.

The want these encouraging data into reality TCL Medical First to be addressed is how to face competition from GE and other international giants. The Qing dynasties Statistics show that the basic structure of the medical device market in China in 2010: high-end products accounted for 25% compared to 75% in low-end products. While the average in the international medical device market: the share of high-end products is generally 55%, 45% of the low-end products. China's medical equipment industry as a whole tend to low-end, and the polarization is more obvious.

The main reason is that the medical device industry is concentrated in the low-end equipment selected some large hospital medical equipment imports, local medical device companies, it is difficult to be successful in the high-end market. Meanwhile, due to the problems of the medical industry itself, the competition in the medical device companies in addition reflected in the quality of products, and more is to expand to the channels of the hospital. Another reason is that the top three hospitals in the procurement of foreign equipment because the equipment provider to bear the medical malpractice risk. Once the device manufacturers will be damages, has nothing to do with the hospital. In contrast, the local medical device companies, no one can assume that risk. The relationship between the price war and open up the hospital is a medical device companies most enthusiastic about things, which leads to a local medical equipment is difficult to obtain the recognition of the high-end customers. The scale of China's medical device market accounted for 14% of the total pharmaceutical market scale, a greater difference between the level of 42% in the global;, compared with a global device consumption level per capita, China's medical device market in the per capita consumption level there 5-6 times room for growth. First-tier cities in the top three unanimous choice of the imported equipment, the second and third tier cities in the top three hospitals do not have sufficient funds to buy imported equipment, the opportunity to bring to the local medical device companies.

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