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The direction of the world's medical equipment industry

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Not long ago, the General Electric Company (GE) of $ 9.5 billion acquisition of the contrast agent and life sciences company Amersham. The completion of this transaction the performance of the industry becoming increasingly confident in the potential for the development of medical equipment, also confirmed the medical equipment industry is moving toward diagnosis and treatment of the unity of the trend.

Inclusive medical equipment, patient monitoring systems, cardiac implants, diagnostic equipment, and information technology to track the patient. Residents of developed countries, the average life expectancy has increased over the next 50 years, with countries in other regions of the world will become more affluent, the output growth rate of health care will be significantly faster than many other economic areas.

Which, as a modern computer technology, precision machinery technology, laser technology, radiologic technology, nuclear technology, magnetic technology, detection sensor technology, chemical detection technology and biomedical technology and information technology in one of the high-tech medical equipment, because of their technical The high content of lucrative become the commanding heights of competing in major international medical device company, its development speed is very fast, large equipment only a year there is a $ 10 billion market.

Closer and closer ties between the diagnosis and treatment of two important parts in the industry, the industry of the diagnostic tissue and specimens from the check laboratory (called in vitro techniques) are increasingly strong interest in advance to use the process in vivo, It is desired to produce a real-time diagnosis of disease in the human body, and then at the same time to the patient for treatment instrument. Nathan Rosenberg, a professor of economics at Stanford University, said: "In the past half a century, to absorb the new technology, the medical equipment industry several times in rapid growth of diagnostic techniques has been the most prominent representative. Currently we may be in diagnostic techniques phase consolidated edge and treatment process. "

 Medtronic CEO Art Collins said that within a few years, the company will likely enter a higher stage, the production is equivalent to the product of the artificial pancreas. It consists of an implantable system, detection of insulin and glucose concentrations in the blood of diabetic patients, and then instruct the micro-pump will be the correct dose of insulin into the patient's body, in order to ensure its normal life. In other words, a completely automated in vivo diagnostic procedures.

Medtronic Inc. has sold called Carelink system, the system is capable of downloading data from patients with implantable pacemakers, and the transmission of information via the Internet to their doctor, so the doctor does not require the patient to the operating room will be able to check . Eventually, through the expansion of the system, the team of doctors can be monitored in the control center 24 hours heart.

Roche, Switzerland has also been deeply involved in the field of diagnosis and treatment. Roche's Diagnostics Division develops and sells in vitro testing of human tissue specimens, laboratory equipment, as well as consumers use small handheld products, such as portable blood glucose meter how much insulin injection for diabetes test.

The GE Company acquisitions Amersham Company, the world's leading one of the important reasons is to diagnose and treat more organically linked.

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