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The proposed four basic system of the Ministry of Health to strengthen the protection of medical and health services

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Held on January 8, 2007 National Health Conference, Health Minister Gao Qiang said that, in terms of health services and health insurance, we must focus on the construction of four basic system.

High strength mentioned four basic system is a basic health care system covering both urban and rural residents, a multi-level medical security system, national essential drug system, the public hospitals of the scientific and standardized management system.

High strength analysis pointed out that the establishment of a basic health care system, to provide basic health care services for the urban and rural residents, but can not meet the people all of the demand for medical services, residents are seriously ill to the hospital for treatment, the need to establish a system of social health insurance against economic risks. Multi-level medical insurance system to dovetail with the basic health care system, constitutes a health security system covering both urban and rural residents.

The main content of the national essential drug system: National Essential Drug List; the government tendering organization of national essential drug production, procurement and distribution, and gradually standardize the names and prices of the same drugs in accordance with the principles of safe, effective, necessary, and inexpensive to develop to ensure basic medication, strict management, and reduce the costs of medicines.

The management system of public hospitals as public affairs separate, separate management from operation, medical separation, separate for-profit and non-profit requirements, deepening medical institutions management system, operational mechanism, the financial mechanism to ensure funding reform, rationalize the system of medicine and health administration, strengthening public service functions of public hospitals, to correct the tendency of one-sided pursuit of economic benefits.

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