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SFDA try a news conference system in the second half year

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Shao Mingli, the Secretary of the State Food and Drug Administration has said that the second half of the pilot regularly targeted news briefing system, and the public about food and drug regulatory policy matters and safety information in a timely manner, so that the public and media supervision.

Shao Mingli, improve and strengthen food and drug regulation to protect people's diet drug safety can not be achieved without a strong press and propaganda, can not be separated from social supervision by public opinion.

Food and drug regulatory departments should strengthen the news and propaganda from building systems to be protected as the government affairs more open, to protect the public's right to know and to promote the important work of the development of the food and drug supervision work.

He pointed out that the food and drug regulatory authorities will be the exchange of information, news planning, organizational research and rational drug use propaganda to strengthen communication and cooperation with the media, for the media to provide information in a timely manner to ensure that the food and drug safety information timely and accurate delivery to avoid appear false reports to mislead the public.

He disclosed that the Food and Drug Administration will be introduced in the near future "propaganda management approach.

Shao Mingli, The SFDA collected netizens discussions be treated as an online research work, has collected more than 1,700 Internet users to discuss recently analyzed and summarized, the formation of the nearly 300 opinions and suggestions. These comments and suggestions, and some have been

Implement the rectification, such as the medicines the advertising review the way and the review criteria have been issued, Drug Registration Regulation is soliciting opinions, medicines and then register the matter further described; Some are actively coordinate with the relevant departments to solve; Some studies also need to investigate a wide range listened to Italy


Recently, food and drug safety problems much social concern in China, Zheng Xiaoyu, former director of the State Food and Drug Administration's case again the State Food and Drug Administration pushed to the cusp.

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