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Ultrasonic Nebulizer(Single Head)
Product ID:DGW001
Ultrasonic nebulizer


The ulrasonic nebuilzer can nebulizer the liquid medication  into tiny mist particles of uniform size,which can be inhaled by patients to treat the diseases.This has been proven clinically effective for treatment of coryza,pharyngitis.
Ultrasonic nebulizer(Single Head) features:

Various uses,more suitable for home use.
A. this product is suitable for the surroundings,which need faint scent or disinfectant,or increasing  hunmidity. It has a
350ml reservoir ,more convenient for use.
B. Facial cleaning  and beauty care
Applying over 1MHz  ultrasonic nebuilized mist to clean the face is very effective,and it is a usual skin care method,very
convenient and comfortable.
C.Jewelry cleaning
Immerse the jewelry in the detergent and then turn on the machine.The dirt can be removed from the jewelry after 10minutes.
Principal technical date:
Ultraconic frequency:1.7MHz±10%
Continuous woking time: ≥4h
Consumption power:≤50w
Max medication capacity for small cup :150ml
Max medication capacity for big cup :350ml
Max nebulizing rate:≥3ml/min
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