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KQW Compressor Nebulizer
Product ID:KQW-CX4


Compressor Nebulizer


Piston-type Nebulizer Mrtal alloy oil-reciprocating compressor,High-tech self-lubricating compressor cylinder,Plastic alloy piston,The most effecient aerosol delivery system on the market. Durable,sporty design-these portable nebulizes are light weight-only 2.5kg!Unqiue pressure chamber provides powerful performance;Nebulizes medication to a particle size of 0.2to 5 microns;Can deliver suspension medication;Making it easy for you to breathe deep into your lungs.And breathing treatment time are only 8-15minutes!!!Fast delivery!Minumem wastage!More effcient than traditional nebulizer!Highly Reliable Quality!Lower noise!!!Swkwctable nebulizer kit are respectively used for provide the infant,Child,Adult......


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